Uncompromising quality.


Made with love.

Production according to the highest quality standards – carefully
handcrafted.You can feel … and explore the result. For example:
the hard-wearing polyester fabric has a waterproof coating inside and
a waterproof impregnation (in numbers: water column 10.000 mm).
In addition, all Scouts have a structured balance.


Skin- and eco-friendly.

All materials used when producing a Scout are free of AZO-colours,
Cadmium, PCP and allergy-causing dyes. It's possible to recycle Scout schoolbags.


Guaranteed and certified.

There is a three year guarantee on all Scout schoolbags from the date of
purchase. All Scouts which are made in accordance with the DIN-Safety-
Requirements are provided with the logos of TÜV (German Technical
Supervisory Association) and DIN (the German Safety Standard).



Scout's therms of guarantee can be downloaded here.


Scout has been awareded - among others,
brand of the century 2016.

 Scout schoolbags are produced in accordance
with the values and principles of the
Global Compact.


Scout is the inventor, the pioneer of the modern schoolbag
which adapts to the special needs of children's backs.
Everything else is everything else.