Design at its best.


Sophisticated style.

Our designers know what pupils need…and develop products which
make everyday school life easier: robust and safe on the way
to school; organized and practical in school.  


Love at first sight.

Whether the shape of the warning areas or the enchanting design –
we design every Scout to please the kids not only today, but also
tomorrow… and during all their schooldays in primary school.



Scout schoolbags should not only be seen well but also look great.
Our designers harmonize the fluorescent and retroreflective areas with
the shape of every model.


Magically attractive. 

The Scout magnetic lock deosn't only look fancy but children can intuitively
use it – and when you close the lid it locks automatically. Hichtecht can be so easy!


Magnetic lock: Close the lid!

Simple, fast and safe.



Find out which safety package is the right one for your child.