Tips on buying a schoolbag.

It is essential that you consider the following when buying a schoolbag.

  1. The best choice for childre who take actively part in traffic: a Scout with retroreflective and fluorescent areas (Schoolbags with orange-red or yellow fluorescent areas correspond to the German Safety Standard for schoolbags DIN 58124; Scout also offers 4 more warning colours which are currently not defined in the DIN: green, pink, fuchsia and coral).
  2. Form-fitting and breathable well-padded back
  3. Extremely comfortable, S-shaped straps in an optimum width for a perfect fit and wearing comfort
  4. Adjustable back strap system for an ideal fit during every growth stage. It grows with your child thanks to height-adjustable back straps and additional straps.
  5. Hip belt – removable and helps to shift the weight to the hips. Can later be worn as belly strap or removed completely.
  6. The integrated, vertically adjustable chest belt helps to hold the shoulder straps in place.
  7. Tear and breaking resistant, solid shape; design suitable for children
  8. Solid base for structured balance
  9. Low empty weight between 1,100 g and 1,300 g
  10. Water-repellent
  11. Integrated organiser and subcompartments for optimum packing
  12. Easy access to the contents thanks to the wide-opening cover and easy-to-use lock.