The good feeling

Everything started with an ingenious idea: an alternative bag to the heavy
and bulky satchels – but rather lightweight and colourful. Based on this idea, the
first Scout was developed in 1975. Today, almost 10 million children have
attended school with a Scout, and the brand Scout has become a synonym
for schoolbags. Many of the children from that time are parents themselves
today – and want to give their children that exact same good feeling as
they experienced years ago on their way into a new, exciting stage of life with
a Scout. The Scout schoolbags are more than just lightweight, colourful and attractive
– they are also safe because they increase the child's safety in traffic. All Scout
schoolbags with yellow or orange-red fluorescent areas fully comply with the
German Safety Standard DIN 58124 and are certified by the German Technical
Supervisory Association TÜV. Scout schoolbags with fluorescent areas in
other colours (e. g. pink) also optimise the visibilty of children in traffic;
these colours, however, are not specified in the current German Safety
Standard DIN 58124.

And the award goes to… Scout!
The publishing company "Deutsche Standards" appoints Scout "Brand of the century"!

The freshly appointed "Brand of the century" Scout represents a whole category: schoolbags. The award stresses the significance and importance of the Scout brand. The "brands of the century" have been created in 2003 and have been since then awarded every 3 years. The publishing company honours the estimatedly most powerful German brands in the market which are able to communicate in a unique manner quality and brand-history to the consumer.

The Scout success story started 40 years ago with a schoolbag that was a colourful and lightweight revolution in school and was also equipped with innovative safety features. Scout is the largest manufacturer of schoolbags worldwide and the market leader in the German-speaking countries – and up to now, more than 10 million children have been accompanied to school by a Scout schoolbag.

Among other reasons, Scout has become one of the "Stars" (this is the name of the edition "Brands of the century 2016), because it participated in 1986 in creating the German Safety Standard for schoolbags, the DIN 58124. This DIN defines for example the exact amount of fluorescent and retroreflective areas required on schoolbags for a safe way to school.

In addition to safe and ergonomic schoolbags, Scout offers even more articles for school and recreation. The colourful Scout designs can be found among others on pencil cases, lunch boxes, suitcases for kids and umbrellas. The brand has also entered other markets in collaboration with licensees so there are for example watches, clothes, desks and educational games for children with the Scout logo. And Scouty also offers the perfect equipment for the time in kindergarten.

Take a look at the article in the book "Brands of the century"!