Social commitment. Scout supports children in need.

Hundreds of thousands of children start school every year. Way too many of
them live in precarious social circumstances. Some are not able to afford
the usual equipment for school and often have to attend school with bags that
are not suitable for the transportation of all the necessary things. This situation
can lead to social exclusion of these first graders.

 For many years, the company Alfred Sternjakob GmbH & Co. KG has supported
events and institutions that help and stand up for children in need  – this way, socially
disadvantaged children are also able to go to school with a Scout.

Allgäu-Orient-Rallye 2016: Roses instead of guns  

On 30th April 2016 the 11th "Allgäu-Orient-Rallye" took place in Oberstaufen.

Since the rallye was this year themed „Roses instead of guns“, rose trees were planted at the starting location Oberstaufen and the stopover locations Tiflis and Istanbul. For reasons of safety, the rallye did not end in Jordan as usual but in the city of Dalyan in Turkey. 

Around 70 teams started this year with vehicles, that had to be at least 20 years old or worth less than 1,111.11 €. During the 3-week-rally route guiding systems and driving on motorways or toll routes was forbidden. The participants and their vehicles had to cover at least 555 km but not more than 666 km per day. During these 3 weeks, accommodation is just as adventorous as the rally itself: it may not cost more than 11.11 € per participant and night. Of course, tents and the vehicle itself are also good possibilities to spend the night in.  

Scout supported this year as well the good cause of the rally. Each of the teams had a Scout schoolbag in the luggage compartment and handed it over to schoolkids in Nadir during a stopover. The schoolchildren were happy to accept their new, colourful schoolbags, tried them on and were also happy to find some more small surprises inside the schoolbag – since the teams had filled them with sweets and little gifts previously.  

This year's winning team is „No Camel No Cry“ from Switzerland. As every year, they won a real camel which, as a general rule, stays in the finishing-country and is given to charity. The participating vehicles also stay in the finishing country and are auctioned off, the proceeds go to diverse aid organisations. Read more about one of the last automobile adventures here.

Refugee children are happy about their new Scout schoolbags  

They flee from hunger and war, sometimes have to leave their families and often had to undergo terrible experiences. Attending school regularly was in many cases impossible. This is now to change for 6 refugee children and 1 teenager. With their new and colourful schoolbgas, the start of school is now to become a happy and pathbreaking experience for them.

Good education is especially for children who had to flee from their own country a key to cope with the new situation – and Scout has accompanied some of them since March 2015 and made their start of school a happy experience. So Scout supports in cooperation with the Lions Club Kaiserslautern-Lutra a project of the "Arbeits- und Sozialpädagogischen Zentrums" (ASZ, a center for work and social pedagogy) which aims to help children have an easy start at school with filled "Schultüten" – a large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day at school.




Zum Start ins neue Schuljahr setzte das Projekt das nächste Willkommenszeichen und überreichte Anfang September sechs Kindern im Grundschulalter und einem Jugendlichen farbenfrohe Scout Schulranzen und einem stylishen 4YOU Rucksack. Gemeinsam mit ihren Eltern konnten die Kinder im IQ Plus von der Präsidentin des Lions Club Kaiserslautern-Lutra, Helga Kuntz, und den zuständigen Mitarbeitern des ASZ ihre neuen Schulbegleiter in Empfang nehmen. Auch die für das Corporate Social Responsibility-Engagement beim Schulranzenhersteller Sternjakob verantwortliche Ingrid Walter sowie Oberbürgermeister Dr. Klaus Weichel waren vor Ort, um die Spendenaktion zu unterstützen und mit den Kindern den baldigen Schulstart zu feiern. 

Packing games by ŠKODA and Scout – for a good cause!  

In collaboration with Scout, a bunch of prospective abecederians at an entertaining Tetris-like event had to try and stash as many Scout schoolbags as possible in the trunk of the Skoda roomster.

At the end, the diligent packers were impressed at how many Scout schoolabgs fit in the trunk. But not only that: The packing event served a good cause. All Scout schoolbags used for this event are donated to socially disadvantaged kids over the intermediary of the multi-generation house by the Diakonie of Ludwigshafen (charity organisation).


This event was at the same time the start of a new Facebook campaign of SKODA: Who has the most creative idea of how to pack the Skoda? Who packs it particularly funny, interesting or creative? Using the Hashtag #DuPackstDas, Skoda is looking for the most creative packing ideas on Facebook.


Pupils in Jordan are happy about their Scout schoolbags  

In May 2015, 90 Scout schoolbags took off for an adventorous journey. They were a donation from the company Alfred Sternjakob GmbH & Co. KG to the "Allgäu-Orient-Rallye". The rallye had its 10th anniversary this year and combines fun with social commitment.

Themed "the brave people with their clunkers", the rally started in Oberstaufen in the Allgäu in Germany and led over side roads (highways are out of bounds) to the Jordanian capital Amman – a distance of 6,666 km. A hazardous plan, as the vehicles have to be at least 20 years old or worth less than 1,111 €. The adventure also serves a good cause, and helps children in need in Jordan which Scout gladly supports – each of the 90 teams had a new Scout schoolbag on board.

When all the teams (but not all the cars) had reached the goal after three weeks of an exhausting journey, every team handed one colourful Scout over to one Jordanian pupil. The children in need had been personally selected by crown prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II. who, since last year, has also been the royal patron of the rally.

The children really dressed up for the big day. "The shining eyes of the happy children were the reward for our anniversary-rally", the organizer Mr Wilfried Gehr said when the schoolbags were handed over to the kids in the Children's Museum in Amman, a project for education which was created by Queen Rania of Jordan.

Find more photos on Facebook and more information here.


1.111 Scouts for school starters  


Scout unterstützt die ungewöhnliche Spendenaktion eines Kölner Karnevalsvereins, der nicht nur Spaß haben, sondern auch Gutes tun will.

Im Vorfeld der Einschulung 2014 hat die Alfred Sternjakob GmbH & Co. KG zusammen mit dem gemeinnützigen Kölner Karnevalsverein Goldene Jungs eine ungewöhnliche Aktion initiiert: "1.111 Ranzen für die Pänz", wie in rheinischer Umgangssprache (Schul-)Kinder bezeichnet werden.

Erklärtes Ziel der Kölner Jecken ist es, den Erlös aus ihren Karnevalsveranstaltungen sozial benachteiligten Kindern zugutekommen zu lassen. Die Idee, bedürftigen Einzuschulenden einen guten Start in die neue Lebensphase zu ermöglichen, unterstützte Scout nicht nur mit besagten Ranzen, sondern gleich mit kompletten Schulausstattungen.

Um die Aktion bekannt zu machen, riefen die Goldenen Jungs über soziale Medien zum Mitmachen auf: Für jede 20-Euro-Spende konnte eine Schulranzen-Patenschaft übernommen werden. Dazu verteilten freiwillige Schulklassen Plakate und Flyer, um über die Möglichkeit einer Patenschaft zu informieren und gleichzeitig bedürftige Kinder bzw. deren Erziehungsberechtigte aufzufordern, sich für einen gespendeten Ranzen zu bewerben.

Die Verteilung der Schulranzen an die glücklichen Pänz erfolgte mit prominenter Unterstützung. Unter anderem engagierten sich Schauspieler Tom Gerhardt, Comedian Oliver Pocher, Fußballstar Mats Hummels, PUR-Sänger Hartmut Engler sowie die Sänger Joey Kelly und Giovanni Zarrella. Eine der Übergabeaktionen fand unter großem Medienecho vor dem Kölner Zoo statt. (Mehr Fotos auf Facebook)

Die erzielte Spendensumme von über 20.000 Euro ging komplett an das Projekt Lindgren-Haus. Dort sind Kinder in Obhut, die eine bedrohliche Familiensituation erlebt haben.

Scouts for Kiwanis  

The members of Kiwanis actively commit themselves for the well-being of children with the slogan "Serving the Children of the World." Scout supports this predominantly regionally acting organisation on a regular basis with a fixed quantity of schoolbags at a special offer price which are donated to kids in need.

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