History. Scout – the trend-setter.

The original since 1975.

Awarded multiple times by the independent German consumer association
"Stiftung Warentest" with "very good" and "good": 6/85, 7/89, 7/96, 5/01, 4/06, 4/09
and 3/13. First schoolbag ever with fluorescent and reflective material.
Experience from more than 10 millions schoolbags sold.



The Scout Genius – a completely new type of schoolbag. In a completely new shape,
with vertically adjustable shoulder straps, a watertight, sturdy base and a
sophisticated concept: outside hard-wearing fabric and inside a strong core.
That makes it robust, practical and simply ingenious for everyday life in school.



The new Scout Alpha is also equipped with the innovative adjustable back
system. In addition, it offers spacious side bags, expandable interior space and a
roomy front bag.



The Scout Sunny! As safe and ergonomic as a schoolbag, but just as casual and
functional as a backpack. Thanks to the innovative adjustable back system, the fit
can be adapted to every size, allowing the Scout Sunny to “grow” with your child.
The Scout Sunny also features the new yellow fluorescent fabrics.



As successor of the EASY II model, the BUDDY sets new standards. Even providing
one litre more capacity, it features a slenderer design and is lighter than the
EASY II. The side pockets now offer enough space for a big water bottle; a new
well-padded reverse provides an optimised air circulation and is even more comfortable
to wear.



World innovation: The new Scout Nano with LED-light. It is the novelty among the
schoolbags – with the option to switch on a LED optical fibre light – for even more
safety on the way to and from school.



With its modern and slender design, the new Scout Nano is the perfect choice for
smaller children. Scout “Nano“ is the ideal combination of form and function.



The Scout Mega is a lightweight offering a lot of space and featuring many inside pockets.



One year later the EASY II followed – with a smaller body and two additional
side pockets. It became one of the most successful Scout schoolbags and was
twice appointed “best in test" by the independent German Consumer Association
"Stiftung Warentest”.



In 2001, SCOUT introduced the EASY I with a newly interpreted classical
design and features such as an interior mobile phone pocket and interior sub-compartments.



The Scout Maxi, the first schoolbag in a softer backpack-design - a pioneer of a lasting trend
- was introduced in 1997. Its innovative design was immediately awarded the international
designer award “reddot“ *); of course it also complies with the requirements of the DIN 58124.

*) “reddot“ is a German Designer Association award.



The company Alfred Sternjakob participated in creating the first German Safety Standard
for schoolbags. Not long after that, the first SCOUT schoolbag produced according to this
Standard DIN 58124 – including retro reflective material that reflects incident light in the dark
- was introduced to the market.



In 1975, SCOUT was introduced to the German market and in the twinkling of an eye
SCOUT replaced the leather schoolbag. The SCOUT schoolbag offered more space and
weighed less, was more comfortable to wear and was the first schoolbag with safety features
like fluorescent fabric and reflective clasps.



In the 50's, the leather schoolbag didn't offer much room and was rather heavy.
Comfort features like well-padded shoulder straps or safety features like fluorescent
and retroreflective materials were unknown at that time!